Durham, You have been Gnomed!

Yesterday was Gnoming Day in Durham!

Over 120 Cork Gnomes hit the streets and parks of Durham, NC, yesterday, thanks the devious plotting and maniacal knitting of the Durham String Thing.

The little cuties found new homes in the toes of an enormous metal camel sculpture, nestled in the bells of beautiful spring tulips, cuddled up against an enormous houka pipe on Ninth Street, leaning against the gothic spirals of the Duke Chapel and hiding inside parking meters, among many other locations.  One even flew into the open car window of a passing car and was caught by a lucky, suspiciously festive young Durham man.

Updates of their adventures can be found at their official site http://corkgnome.tumblr.com/

For now, here is a fantastic composite created by the amazing Kay (a.k.a. “little red”) featuring the adventures of Katherine, Kay and myself as we found new homes for some of the little gnomes. Click on the image to see it better.

(I’m the dark haired one in black making a lot of crazy faces.)

Cork Gnomes to Invade Durham this weekend!

Tonight in the Independent Weekly Online, "Heaps of little creatures are prepping for debut, from bitty bunnies to budding bulbs and... lucky little cork gnomes, as the Indy staff has learned.
The news came in an "a-gnome-ymous" letter of Lilliputian proportion, attached to this little guy (or gal?). Locals will start spotting these little cuties beginning March 20, according to the message." Read the complete Indy piece here.
And don't forget to track their adventures at the newly created tumblr blog, Cork Gnome Home.
A little friend was just spotted in Seattle!!  Oh my!!

Something Gnomish this way comes

Look out, Durham, NC! On March 20th, an unholy army of cork gnomes will descend upon you! They will be hiding in secret places downtown, on Ninth Street and in other locations TBD.

Look at these murderous faces.

And if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon one and take it home… alas, I cannot say what will befall you. 

Brought to you by the devious fiberistas of Durham String Thing, of which I am a card-carrying member. 

My days have been consumed with knitting these Korknisse. To make my gnomes, I’ve modified the original pattern, found on raverly and designed by Manne. (An English version of the pattern, translated from the Norwegian by Saartje, can be found here: )

More details to come, gentle Durham.  Do not be afraid!