I write a column called "Inspired to Stitch, Exploring the Creative Journey with Olisa Corcoran" for the U.K.-based Mr X Stitch.

Recent interviews and articles of artists:

Sept 2016, Hannalie Taute, Stilbaai, South Africa

July 2016, Rebecca Levi, Brooklyn, NY, USA

May 2016,  Lynn Harrigan, Part Two, Toronto, Canada

Aug 2015, Emma Rose Laughlin, Los Angeles, CA, USA

July 2015, Mashail Faqeeh, Saudi Arabia (This interview was sadly and mysterious scrubbed from the internet entirely)

June 2015, Claudi Jaeggi Nessler, Switzerland

March 2015, Lynn Harrigan, Part One, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Feb 2015, Chawne Kimber, Lehigh Valley, Penn, USA

June 2014, Jessica Kelly, Baltimore, MD, USA

April 2014, Mark BieraugelSan Luis Obispo, CA, USA

March 2014, Michelle Kingdom, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Feb 2014, Nicole Vos Van Avezanthe, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Jan 2014, Meghan Willis, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Dec 2013, William Schaff, Providence, RI, USA

Oct 2013, Nat Uhing, Darwin, Australia

Sept 2013, Iviva Olenick, Brooklyn, NY, USA