Chin up, girl

WIP, Stitched postcard.

So, the market wasn't what I'd hoped, but that's OK. I'm not entirely sure I'm a craft fair kind of girl, but I will explore other market options.

Painted shutter display for Hardscrabble & Wondrous sale.

Ultimately, it was a gorgeous, sunny day, I met interesting people and spent fun time with my parents and friends. So I can't complain.

WIP, Stitched postcard. Spider wheel in the sky.

It was only a matter of time until I united my Durham cards with stitching. Lots of possibility for fun with this. I kind of like this work in progress.

I will spend some time on this.

Goofy hostess selfie keeping my chin up.

And I will have friends over to my tiny home and spoil them with good conversation, food and drink. And I'll keep my chin up, no matter what.