Big Yes! Seahorse by Sister Twisty

I am the insanely happy recipient of an lovely little piece by Sister Twisty. Check it out!

Seahorse by Sister Twisty, 2012.

As the organizer of the Phat Quarter Tiny Things swap for Mr X Stitch, I received this beautiful seahorse from the U.K. One of the most amazing things about participating in swaps is that you get to see other artists stitching first hand. And Twisted Sister's is gorgeous. Profoundly skilled.

Holding my lovely new piece of art!

Her work with the fill stitch and French knots on the seahorse's scales takes my breath away. It makes me realize how much I still have to work to improve my stitching skills to come anywhere close to the level of work she has shown me. Big Yes to Twisty Sister!

Twisted Sister is working on beautiful red stole for a clergy person. I can only imagine what that piece must look like in person.

I am humbled by her skills and moved to challenge myself to improve. Lots of work ahead for me!

"Big Yes!" is a blog feature where I share, with the artist’s permission, a piece of textile art that has opened my eyes to the possibility of what we can create.  When faced with things that are truly beautiful or moving or that fill me with awe, I try to say yes. More than that, Big Yes.