WIPs: More maps, hips and colors

I know, I know. I'm stitching crazy slow these days.

Map of Carthage, NC, town square. Satin, chain, long & short,
wrapped back and regular back stitch.

My main two projects are the Suga Belt and the Color Wheel of Lies. And I'm gleefully stitching away at both.

Suga Belt is getting crazier and crazier!

I was distracted by a week of knitting. I'll admit it! But I'm back to stitching on these. And, damn, if I don't have 10,000 other art pieces brewing inside me, just begging to get out.

Latest words.

I'm happy with it all. Even if I finish only a few pieces a year. When I see the quantity of work other  people produce, I'm sometimes overwhelmed and a bit chafened by their amazing production. And here I am, stitching away, getting distracted by sketching and dreaming.

These are yummy to me.

Oh well.

New projects: Manos. And something involving vinyl and a drill. And lots of holiday gifts.

Sitting in bed, stitching. Happy.

I want to go to the corporate salt mines today like I want to turn my my new drill to my temple. But alas... It's not so bad.